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Established in 1996, East coast applicators has been installing quality fireproofing and acoustical insulation for over 25 years.

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Whether it’s a small patch job or a high-rise building, we are ready and able to answer your questions or concerns. Want to meet on site? Uncertain about the correct product? Not sure what design to use? Give us a call, fill out a form or send an email, and we’ll be happy to assist. Whether it’s a unique field condition or you need some value engineering, feel free to tap into our decades of experience to address any questions or concerns you may have with your project.


Got a set of plans to share? Our estimators will dig in and calculate your fireproofing down to the last bit. All our proposals and estimates are detailed and clear so that you know what you are getting ahead of time. We will show you exactly what we are proposing and where, so that you can feel confident with your budget.



Once a project is approved, we can quickly provide clear submittals and any documentation you may need. Every submittal comes standard with drawings, UL designs and product data sheets. We make it clear and presentable so that it’s easily approved and returned without holding up your project.



Our field supervisor will meet you on site prior to startup to ensure a smooth and efficient project. You will always have a project manager and field superintendents contact info and we make it our business to be available to you. Our goal is to provide a quality, safe and clean project every time and on schedule. The ECA team consists of some of the best applicators and support staff that exist, and we have a reputation to back that up.

Reliably providing these quality services for over 25 years

Cementitious Fireproofing

The flexible, economical option

As a spray-applied form of fireproofing, it often proves the most sensible and practical solution. It goes on quickly and effectively, making it an ideal choice for time-sensitive projects. The efficient application helps minimize the potential for jobsite interruptions and delays.

At Ocean we bring extensive experience with low-, medium- and high-density forms of cementitious fireproofing to service a wide range of construction projects with the correct UL ratings and budgetary considerations.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Generally cost-effective
  • Broad range of use cases
  • May be painted over
  • Full lineup of densities
  • Quick to apply

Intumescent Fireproofing

Your structure’s tailored suit

Looking to retain the timeless, industrial beauty of exposed beams and other structural forms? Intumescent fireproofing is a more fluid form of protection that beautifully trails the silhouette of whatever it is applied to.

While fireproofing is a rainy-day concern, we recognize that your project’s look, feel and function are the daily priority. Don’t settle for one or the other. Get the best of both worlds with the right application.

Benefits at a glance:

  • It’s got the best looks!
  • May be painted over
  • Withstands extreme temps
  • Indoor/outdoor friendly
  • Great for nooks and crannies

Rigid Board Fireproofing

The convenience of cut-to-size

When you’re looking for the problem solver of the fireproofing catalog, rigid board is the answer. It works well in all environments, climates, and substrate conditions, coming to the rescue when traditional fireproofing methods aren’t a good fit.

Mineral fiber fireproofing board is excellent for interiors and semi-exposed locations. It is ideal in places where water-based sprays are not the practical choice, and can be installed on beams, joists, and floor/roof decks.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Ideal for high-traffic roof decks
  • Minimal structural weight
  • No surface prep required
  • No water/liquids required
  • Installable in any weather

Spray Fiber Insulation

Where cool and quiet meet

If good fences make good neighbors, good noise insulation makes for happy communities. That’s the magic of spray fiber insulation, a spray-applied fiberglass solution that provides for both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Our intuitive, code-compliant formula allows for application directly over fireproofing material. Its unique composition also has thermal and acoustical benefits, making it a convenient, cost-effective way to insulate large structures, such as parking garages.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Thermal and acoustical values
  • Non-combustible
  • Zero flame spread
  • Leave exposed or cover up
  • Adheres to concrete, steel, gypsum, wood and many other materials

Proudly installing products from these great manufacturers

Featured Projects

Projects that we are very proud of

Orlando International Airport

Cafco Blaze Shield II and Fiber Patch Fireproofing

Project duration

Orlando Hilton Convention Center

K-13 Acoustical Spray, Cafco 300 and 400 Fireproofing and Cafco WB3 and WB4 Intumescent

Project duration
12 months

Our Projects

Some of our most recent work

Project type
Cafco Blaze Shield II and Fiber Patch Fireproofing

Orlando International Airport

Project duration: Ongoing

Project type
Cafco Blaze Shield II Fireproofing

Rosen Center

Project type
Cafco Blaze Shield II Fireproofing

Arnold Palmer Hospital

Project type
Cafco Blaze Shield II Fireproofing and Cafco Board

Jacksonville Memorial Hospital

Project duration: 18 Months

Project type
Cafco Fiber Patch and Blaze Shield II Fireproofing

OIA Airport Shuttle, Orlando

Project type
Cementitious Fireproofing with Type 5GP to 18 Bank Building…

Cyril E. King Airport, American V.I.

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